Made for gamblers, by gamblers.

7 Dollar Slots LLC was established in June 2023. Our mission is to appeal to the avid gambler with fun merchandise, including t-shirts-sweatshirts, hoodies and accessories. We understand the emotional roller coaster that gambling can bring. Sometimes, a funny shirt can lighten your mood. At $7 Slots, we have a sense of humor especially when it comes to losing our hard earned money. Our merchandise says the things you may be thinking when hitting the casino floor. We are familiar with many of the slot machines in today’s casinos. Some of our designs have been noticed by casino staff as being unique. We love receiving feedback from people in the industry. We hope some of our merchandise catches your eye.

My Story

I have been gambling for over 30 years. I have had big wins and big losses. My partner and I have been to Las Vegas, Nevada every year for the last 6 years.  We happen to think that gamblers are a special group of optimistic people. Why else would we risk losing a pocketful of money? The largest jackpot I have ever witnessed was in the amount of 2.9 million dollars on a slot machine. I hope every gambler out there gets a hand pay jackpot at least once in their gambling career. Stay positive out there my fellow gamblers!